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SUBJECT Biggest Loser Initial Weigh-In
RECURRENCE Occurs day 13 of every 1 month effective 2/13/2019 until 3/13/2019.
START TIME Wednesday 2/13/2019 All Day
END TIME Wednesday 2/13/2019
CATEGORY Athletics
STU's modified version of Biggest Loser!
Open to all current students, faculty, and staff!
Friendly competition!
Reach your fitness goals by motivating yourself and Have Fun!
Body fat and weight will be measured.
Receive weekly encouragement emails of fitness tips of the week, health tips of the week, and a recipe

First Weigh-In:  Wednesday, February 13
Monthly Weigh-Ins:  Wednesday, March 13 and April 10

Contact Crystal at or call 305-628-6558 for any questions.